Today, technology in construction can be categorized into three categories. These are:

  • Digital collaboration (design, contract, and document management, as well as performance dashboards).
  • On-site execution (quality control, safety, and productivity).
  • Back-office (equipment and materials management, operations, scheduling, and planning systems).

Software and apps are used in the different phases of a construction project- design, preconstruction, construction, and operations and management. We uses Building Performance Analysis to simulate how a building’s systems will function over time and to better determine energy and cost savings. To achieve this, we use energy modeling software, daylight analysis tools, as well as tools for HVAC system analysis and CFD analysis.

With the help of BIM (3D to 6D Building Information Modelling) and Virtual Design Management, you can visualize exactly what your project will look like and virtually plan, design, and construct your project. BIM uses different technology and software solutions.

We also use Drones to carry out site inspections, besides CCTV and Time-Lapse solutions. They help detect things like design faults and building façade leakages without having to rely on expensive on-site manpower.

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